Madison Construction Updates

The Madison Center for the Arts/Parking Garage

As the new Madison Center for the Arts building nears completion, construction will begin on the accompanying parking garage. The garage will be located in the current parking lot shared by District Office and Madison No. 1 Middle School.

Please view the pdf of the temporary construction map or see below for information on temporary student drop-off/pick-up locations, temporary visitor parking located off of Missouri, and student and visitor entrances.

These changes will go into effect January 8, 2018 when we return from winter break. The projected completion date is December 2018.

Regarding student drop-off and pick-up procedures:

  • Please be aware that the gate for the student drop-off lane located on 16th street will not open open until 8:00 a.m.
  • Please do not drop-off or pick-up students on 16th street.
  • There will be an afternoon satellite bus available to transport students from Madison No. 1 to North Phoenix Baptist Church (located at Central Ave. and Bethany Home Road) where parents may pick them up.
  • Additional parking for student drop-off and pick-up will also be available at the LDS church on 18th Street and Missouri.

We thank you for your patience! If you have any questions, please join us for the meeting on December 11. You may also contact the District Office at (602) 664-7900.

Map of temporary parking and student drop-off and pick-up locations