Strategic Plan - Madison School District

Madison School District Strategic Plan: 2015 – 2020

Developing the Madison Strategic Plan

The Madison Strategic Plan was developed using a multistage process with representation from every stakeholder group. The kick-off for this process was a Madison Governing Board study session to brainstorm the conceptual framework for the strategic plan goals. The initial draft goals were reviewed, further refined, and expanded with draft objectives by Madison’s Administrative Leadership Team, comprised of school principals and district administrators.

A committee was formed that included students, parents, teachers, staff, community members, civic leaders, and local business owners. This committee continued the refinement of goals and objectives, and enhanced the plan by developing and prioritizing action steps for each objective. All of these elements were reviewed by the Madison Governing Board and Administrative Leadership Team for further refinement and the development of measures of success.

The measures, goals, objectives, and actions steps in the Madison Strategic Plan for 2015 – 2020 will guide the District’s mission to provide Extraordinary Learning for All.

Measures of Success

Measurable outcomes are critical to any strategic plan because they provide a means of determining the success of action steps intended to result in the achievement of goals. The five goals listed below set a high bar for achieving the strategic plan measures and through them Madison’s purpose of Extraordinary Learning for All.

  • Madison will rank in the top 10% of Arizona elementary schools
  • Madison District will achieve superior aggregate growth percentiles as measured by national normative performance
  • Madison systems will achieve excellence through high standards, quality assurance, and continuous improvement as measured by AdvancED Accreditation Standards for Quality School Systems
  • Madison will offer best in class signature academic programs at each school
  • Madison will rank in the top 5% in Metropolitan Phoenix with competitive salaries and benefits

Goal #1: Ensure all students maximize their
academic potential

Objective 1: All students will be prepared for success in high school without the need for remediation

  • Action 1: Facilitate student-led goal setting
  • Action 2: Provide an adult mentor program to meet each student’s academic and social needs
  • Action 3: Articulate high school credit opportunities for middle school students
  • Action 4: Continually improve the implementation of research-based instructional practices through instructional coaching and professional development

Objective 2: Students will access high-level curriculum through signature programs that meet the needs of every student

  • Action 1: Provide research-based instructional strategies for use in the signature programs and with all types of learners
  • Action 2: Enhance academic rigor through a variety of arts, athletics, and other extracurricular opportunities
  • Action 3: Establish benchmarks to measure Madison signature programs to state and national programs

Objective 3: Provide meaningful opportunities for parent involvement

  • Action 1: Provide meaningful two-way communication systems for parents and students to monitor growth and achievement
  • Action 2: Provide meaningful school-to-home communications about extracurricular opportunities and events
  • Action 3: Develop and maintain high-quality teacher web pages

Goal #2: Achieve resource capacity to accomplish Board goals

Objective 1: Be effective stewards of taxpayer monies and leverage funding sources for maximum student benefit

  • Action 1: Develop and implement an annual budget aligned to the Strategic Plan that ensures the equitable and efficient distribution of resources.
  • Action 2: Implement short and long-term financial planning
  • Action 3: Create educational opportunities for the community to develop an understanding of school finance
  • Action 4: Enhance opportunities for community input on financial decisions

Objective 2: Provide systems district-wide to support learning and student needs

  • Action 1: Implement a performance management system to review data and key performance indicators, including survey data, for central office departments to identify challenges, opportunities, and compliance requirements
  • Action 2: Review and refine systems to enhance effectiveness through streamlined procedures and the use of technology
  • Action 3: Create a culture that fosters and rewards innovation

Objective 3: Create and sustain safe, supportive, inviting, and innovative learning environments

  • Action 1: Utilize bond funds to plan, construct, and renovate facilities to maximize educational benefit while minimizing operational costs
  • Action 2: Optimize student learning by providing safe, engaging, and healthy environments
  • Action 3: Enhance opportunities for community input on construction decisions

Goal #3: Be the destination district for the best educational professionals

Objective 1: Aggressively recruit staff across the nation

  • Action 1: Increase and expand recruitment strategies
  • Action 2: Take staff and student ambassadors to attend multiple job fairs
  • Action 3: Strategically market Madison’s prestigious reputation and programs to attract highly qualified professionals

Objective 2: Increase retention of the best educational professionals

  • Action 1: Facilitate shared leadership and collaborative decision-making across campuses and departments
  • Action 2: Regularly celebrate accomplishments and share in social activities for fellowship and fun
  • Action 3: Equip employees with efficient and effective job-related technologies
  • Action 4: Strategically market Madison’s prestigious reputation and programs to retain highly qualified professionals

Objective 3: Provide professional development to optimize growth and success of all staff

  • Action 1: Provide support staff orientation and teacher induction and on-going mentoring
  • Action 2: Offer differentiated professional development by site/departments
  • Action 3: Partner with other entities to provide professional development and degree/certification programs

Objective 4: Standardize employee performance

  • Action 1: Ensure inter-rater reliability for certified and support staff evaluations
  • Action 2: Strengthen processes, procedures, and training for employee supervision

Goal #4: Serve to enhance the community

Objective 1 : Serve the community in measurable ways

  • Action 1: Incorporate a community service program for students in grades 5 – 8
  • Action 2: Incorporate family-based community service opportunities in grades K – 4
  • Action 3: Support staff community service efforts
  • Action 4: Serve in community and statewide leadership roles
  • Action 5: Showcase community service completed throughout the year

Objective 2: Build lasting partnerships within the Community

  • Action 1: Develop a Madison business partnership program
  • Action 2: Maximize community use of District facilities
  • Action 3: Advocate for Arizona public schools, students, teachers, and families

Objective 3: Foster a culture of reciprocal communication

  • Action 1: Build effective systems to communicate school and district news, alerts, and calendar events
  • Action 2: Annually administer a District survey to measure performance and understand community needs
  • Action 3: Build multiple systems to capture community voices
  • Action 4: Showcase Madison programs