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Teacher Salary & Staffing Information

Average Teacher Salary

  • Average salary of all teachers employed in FY 2020 (budget year): $53,623
  • Average salary of all teachers employed in FY 2019 (prior year): $50,024
  • Increase in average teacher salary in FY 2019 from prior year: $3,599
  • Percentage change in average teacher salary in FY 2019 from prior year: 7% increase


  • Proposed staffing summary for Teachers FY 2019: 293 FTE (full time equivalent)
  • Staff to Pupil ratio
    • General Education 1:18.9
    • Special Education 1:12.8

Principal Hilary O’Brien Wins Rodel Honor

Selected from 1,861 School Principals in the State

On February 22, Madison Camelview Elementary Principal Hilary O’Brien was surprised at a ceremony with her students, husband, teachers, Madison District board members, and Superintendent Quinn Kellis with the Rodel Exemplary Principal Award. One of eight principals selected out of more than 1,860 across the sate, O’Brien choked up as she entered the room to rousing cheers from her students and colleagues.

A Rodel Exemplary Principal represents the best in the state and is selected through a rigorous nomination process for their demonstrated ability to inspire their staff to contribute to school-wide success and the development of a campus that is high achieving, safe and welcoming.

Madison Elementary School District Superintendent Dr. Quinn Kellis said the District is extremely proud of O’Brien and honored by the award.

“I can’t think of a more deserving principal for this prestigious award,” Kellis said. “Principal O’Brien Rodel inspires her staff day in and day out with her dedication to the highest standards and willingness to mentor other educators.”  

Each year Rodel identifies a few of Arizona’s best principals for their achievements in high needs schools and asks them to “give back” by serving as mentors for future school leaders. Each “Exemplary Principal” such as O’Brien, is partnered with an “Aspiring Principal” to help fill the need for great principals in our most deserving schools.

Exemplary Principals (like O’Brien): These principals are established in their field, have a track record of high student achievement, and serve as mentors in high-need Arizona schools.

Aspiring Principals: These future school leaders are committed to learning the trade from expert mentors and leading schools in Arizona communities with the highest need.