Marcus Osborn - Madison School District

Marcus Osborn

Dr. Osborn has a long record of involvement in education policy in Arizona and was elected to the Madison School Board in 2014. Dr. Osborn currently serves as the Chairman of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Workforce Committee which develops policy recommendations for the business community relating to education and workforce development issues. In 2010, Dr. Osborn was appointed by Governor Brewer to Chair the Failing Schools Committee that developed recommendations for Arizona’s Race-to-the-Top grant application. Recently, Dr. Osborn help craft proposals relating to the creation of an Achievement District designed to reduce borrowing costs for high achieving public schools. Dr. Osborn is married with two children who both attend school in the Madison School District.

Professionally, Dr. Osborn directs the State Government Relations practice at Kutak Rock LLP and represents public sector and private sector clients before the Arizona Legislature, Governor’s office and local governments. Dr. Osborn has approximately 20 years of experience in legislative advocacy and campaigns, the latter of which includes extensive experience participating in, organizing and overseeing political fundraising events and activities.

Dr. Osborn’s areas of experience include insurance, transit, economic development, tax policy, environment, infrastructure financing authorities, polling, ambulance certificates of necessity, employment law, public records, campaign management, healthcare, regulatory reform and education.

Dr. Osborn earned a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in Public Administration from Arizona State University where his graduate training included work in policy analysis and public management. Additionally, he has undergraduate degrees in Political Science and History from the University of Arizona. Dr. Osborn has authored academic book chapters on lobbying, developed strategic government relations plans for multiple organizations and lectured on strategic planning for government relations. Marc has served as an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Northern Arizona University teaching courses in Leadership and Organizational Theory.

He has served as an expert witness on campaign finance related litigation including high profile cases that were decided at the U.S Supreme Court and the Arizona Supreme Court respectively (Arizona Free Enterprise Club vs. Bennett and Citizens Clean Elections Commission v. Bennett).