Matt Gress - Madison School District

Matt Gress

As a former public school teacher and education budget analyst, Matt Gress knows first-hand how important it is to community members, parents, and children in the Madison Elementary School District that our local schools are well managed and well funded.

Matt was elected to Madison’s Governing Board in 2016 and will strive to ensure that all students can learn and succeed everyday without exception. Matt plans to advocate additional resources for parents and teachers to help students improve their reading, math, and science scores. Matt believes in empowering principals and teachers to use the techniques they know work — so that we are not allowing top-down policies to stifle creativity, innovation or excellence in the classroom. Transparency in the budget process is important to Matt. Madison must communicate its current spending priorities, needs, and vision for the future. Matt proposes to mail residents and parents of Madison a one-page document that outlines the budget: revenues, costs and outcomes of each program. Matt believes Madison can help all of our students develop the knowledge, skills, creativity and confidence to pursue their dreams in high school, college and beyond.

He is the first in his family to earn a Bachelor’s degree, with honors, from the University Oklahoma and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University. A 2009 Harry S. Truman Scholar, a 2010 Teach For America Corps Member and a 2015 Flinn-Brown Fellow, Matt has always been mindful of how important his public education shaped his life.

Matt is a member of City Square United Methodist Church, the Phoenix Arcadia Rotary Club, and lives with his partner, Daniel, in the Biltmore neighborhood in north central Phoenix.