Principal’s Letter

Letter from the Principal:

Dear Camelview Community,

It is great to be returning to Camelview after spending the last couple of months on maternity leave with our little girl that we welcomed in November. I want to extend a special thank you to Mrs. Devine who served as our interim principal, Mrs. Debra Poulson who assisted as assistant principal and all of the teachers who helped to maintain and support extraordinary learning while I was on leave.

In the fall we submitted an application to the Arizona Education Foundation to become an A+ School of Excellence. We recently found out that we will be receiving a visit from the judges at the end of March. This is an extraordinary opportunity for Camelview and our community to showcase all of the wonderful things that are taking place and we are anticipating our upcoming visit with excitement!

We have many important testing opportunities for our students over the upcoming quarter. During this time it is important that your children are arriving to school on time. They need to be in their seats and ready to learn, no later than 7:45 in the morning. Please make an effort to schedule appointments for after school hours. A nutritious well rounded dinner the night before testing and a well-balanced breakfast will help your children to be successful. It is also recommended that children get 10 hours of sleep. We appreciate your support and providing positive encouragement for your
children during this important time.


April 5th—AIMS Science—4th Grade
April 10, 17, 19 – AzMERIT—3rd Grade
April 10, 12, 18 —AzMERIT—4th Grade

Warm Regards,

Hilary O’Brien