New Science Program Adoption - Madison School District

New Science Pilot Program & Adoption

Between the months of October and March, select Madison teachers in grades four, five, and eight will be participating in the Madison science pilot. Teachers will be piloting instructional materials from Houghton Mifflin and McGraw-Hill. After the pilot has concluded, a committee will select one of the two publishers to recommend to the Madison Governing Board for adoption as the new Madison science program.

Parents of students in the pilot teachers’ classrooms will provide the committee with feedback. All parents will have the opportunity to provide the committee with feedback on the two programs.

The instructional materials will be on display for public view and comment in the Madison School District boardroom from October 19 to December 21. Feedback forms will be available for you to provide the committee with valuable input and feedback. The feedback provided by teachers, students, and parents will be used to determine the committee’s final recommendation.

We thank you in advance for your contributions to this process and for assisting our committee in making the best decision possible for our students. When you arrive at the district office, please check in with the receptionist, sign in, and you will receive directions to the public display location.

Upcoming Science Program Adoption Meetings

  • 11/7/18 – Middle School Job Alike TCT, 2:45-4:15, District Office Boardroom
  • 12/18/18 – Houghton Mifflin program evaluation meeting, 4:15-5:15, Madison Camelview – Room D120
  • 1/15/19 – McGraw-Hill training, 8:00-12:00, District Office Boardroom
  • 1/30/19 – Middle School Job Alike TCT, 2:45-4:15, District Office Boardroom
  • 3/26/19 – McGraw-Hill program evaluation and recommendation meeting, 4:15-5:15, Camelview – Room D120
  • 4/9/19 – Governing Board presentation, 6:00, District Office Boardroom