Visual & Performing Arts

Madison No. 1 is a Visual and Performing Arts School. In addition to the typical electives (Physical Education, Band, Music, Art, Technology, and Spanish) Madison No. 1 offers Theatre, Dance, Strings, and Choir. Students participate in these additional electives based on their current ability level rather than their grade level. Multi-grade Advanced classes allow No. 1 to offer Advanced and Performance classes such as Wind Symphony, Performance Dance, Advanced Acting, Crew (backstage theatre), and specialized art classes.

No. 1 teachers communicate with local High Schools to ensure that Advanced classes align to high school curriculum. This prepares students for accelerated elective options when they attend High School.

Spanish Immersion

The Spanish Immersion program at Madison No. 1 Middle School is the continuation of our Spanish offering for our 5th through 8th grade students. Upon completion of the program, students will be confident, culturally experienced individuals with Spanish fluency and may earn two years of high school foreign language credit by 8th grade.

Students will receive their Science and Social Studies content in Spanish. In addition, students will receive a Spanish acquisition class. The acquisition class will have a grammar focus with keyboarding skills, a field trip, and a dedicated engagement room. Students in the immersion program are also able to select an additional elective offering that includes such options as dance, theatre, PE, technology, choir, strings, band or art.

REACH – Highly Gifted

Madison No. 1 Middle School is home to the REACH program for students in grades 5-8.

REACH students receive curriculum two grade levels ahead and may earn one year of High School Foreign Language credit.

This program provides highly gifted students in grades 1-8 the opportunity to function at an academic level that is commensurate with their abilities, while having the opportunity to interact socially with students who have similar interests and academic needs.

Students receive a daily Spanish class, develop a differentiated educational plan (DEP) in an area of interest that is researched and reported on in both oral and written presentations, and take a class field trip such as to Catalina Island Marine Institute, AstroCamp, Pali Institute, etc.

REACH classes are taught by highly qualified appropriately certified gifted teachers in the classroom.

To qualify for REACH, students must score 99% on the COGAT or 139 on the WISC, or 142 on the Stanford Binet plus 80 percentile on the district math and reading assessment.