Letter from the Superintendent 4/23/2018 - Madison School District

4/23/2018 – Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This letter is to inform you that all Madison schools will be closed on Thursday, April 26, and Friday, April 27. On Monday, April 23, the Madison Governing Board authorized the Superintendent to temporarily close schools as a result of a statewide teacher and support staff walkout. If the walkout extends into next week, schools would remain closed. Please give close attention to the Madison webpage and other district communications for factual information and updates.

As a result of the school closures:

  • Evening events and rented facility events will continue, provided staff is available. Please watch for communication from the event organizers for best information.
  • No transportation, cafeteria service, preschool, MAC, or other school day services will be provided at closed schools.
  • Breakfast and lunch services will be provided to any current Madison student. Meals will be served from the Madison Park Commons on Thursday and Friday. Transportation will not be provided.
  • All after-school clubs, sports, tutoring or other extra-curricular activities are cancelled on each day the school is closed.
  • At this time, the school year will not be extended. Should the walkout extend into next week, the school year may be extended to make up instructional time. (The State requires schools to offer a minimum number of instructional hours per year. Madison currently meets the minimum requirement.)

A question and answer page is posted on the Madison web page for more information. Please update your home and cellular phone and email information to get the most current and factual information regarding the school closures. Please contact your school Principal if you have questions specific to your child.

Thank you for your continued support of Madison School District.


Quinn R. Kellis, Ed.D.

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