Q&A for Families - Madison School District

Q&A for Families Regarding Temporary School Closures

On Monday, April 23, the Madison Governing Board authorized the Superintendent to temporarily close schools as a result of a statewide teacher and support-staff walkout.

Parents have many questions about the impact of a school closure.

How will I find out my child’s school is closed?
Please only rely on the official district communication for information on a school closing. Madison will use every communication medium available, including our website, school websites, phone calls, emails, and district social media accounts (Facebook | Twitter) to keep you informed.

Please make sure your contact information is updated and accurate in your PowerSchool Parent Account. If you need assistance updating this information, please contact your school’s front office.

How will you determine if schools need to be closed?
Each Madison school will be closed if it is determined there is not adequate staff to maintain campus safety and meaningful learning.  School closures will be determined school by school. A school closure will include all after school student activities, Pre-School, MAC, and INVEST.

Every effort is being made to transfer and share resources, substitutes and teachers between our Madison schools in order to open one or more Madison schools as soon as possible.

How much notice will I have if there is a closure?
In order to provide you with the most advanced notice possible about a school closure, Madison will begin announcing school closures Monday, April 23, 2018 after 5:00 p.m.

Will childcare be available?
If a school is closed, all before and after school programs will be canceled. If programs that operate for a fee are cancelled, such as preschool, INVEST and MAC, parents will receive a credit for the days that are missed.

When will I receive my account credit for fee-based programs (MAC/preschool/INVEST) for the cancelled days?

The account crediting process for Community Education programs impacted by the school closures (MAC, preschool, and/or INVEST) will begin the week of May 7th. The Community Education team will work as quickly as possible to credit accounts. We appreciate your patience with this process.

If a school is closed, would the school year be extended? 
Madison’s current calendar meets state requirements for instructional minutes. The school year will not be extended for students.

Would school closures affect 8th Grade promotion dates?
Since the school year will not be extended for students, 8th grade promotion events will not be affected.

If a school is closed, would athletic practices or games be canceled?
Yes, all after school activities, including clubs, athletics, tutoring, etc., would be canceled.

Will evening events be canceled during a school closure?
No, community events, rental events, PTO events and other performances will continue if staff is available. Please check with your school for information about specific events.

If a school is closed, would school trips be canceled?

If a school doesn’t close, will bus transportation to and from school still be provided?
If schools are open, transportation will continue to be provided.

What can I expect will happen in the classroom if the school is not closed?
The top priority will be the safety and security of the campus. There may be alternate academic activities.  Lunch and breakfast services will be provided.

If a school is closed for more than one day, how often will I receive communication?
Parents can expect daily communication during a school closure.

Is Wednesday, April 25 an early release day?
Yes, as scheduled.

What will happen with students who show up to a closed school?
Parents will be called to pick up students at a closed school.  There will be no adult supervision available for students at a closed school.

If my child’s school is closed, do I have to call him/her out sick?
If school is closed, you are not required to call a child out as sick.

If my child’s school is open can I keep my child home?
Yes, please call in any student absence using the traditional procedures. If a school is not closed, it will count as a regular school day and their absence will be counted as a missed day of school.

Will breakfast and lunch be available for students?

Madison Park Middle School will serve breakfast and lunch to any currently enrolled Madison School District student on Thursday, April 26 and Friday, April 27, 2018. Transportation will not be provided.

Can schools distribute food donations?
No. Any food donations need to be directed to established food dispensaries. Staff may not send donated food home with students.

Where can I get additional information?
Please contact your child’s school directly if you have any questions. Information will also be posted on the district web pages.