Updated Letter from the Superintendent 5-2-2018 - Madison School District

5/2/2018 – Updated Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Madison Parents/Guardians,

This letter revises the announcement published earlier today. All Madison schools, except Madison Park, will be closed until further notice. We apologize for the continued disruption this week to our Madison families.

The decisions we make to open or not open a school are based on the number of teacher absences requested and the number of available substitutes to cover the absences. The decision to open or close a school is not, nor can it be, based on whether the District does or doesn’t support the efforts of teachers across the state. We encourage all our staff to call in their absences as soon as possible so decisions can be made whether or not we can safely open a school, and to give families advanced notice of what to expect.

Earlier today our numbers indicated we could safely open all schools except MTA. However, those numbers have changed significantly this afternoon. So, for Thursday, May 3rd and until further notice:

  • Madison No. 1 will be closed
  • Madison Simis will be closed
  • Madison Camelview will be closed
  • Madison Meadows will be closed
  • Madison Heights will be closed
  • Madison Rose Lane will be closed
  • Madison Traditional Academy will be closed
  • Madison Park will be open

We will provide additional updates about extending the school year once we have a better understanding when schools will reopen.

Please refer to the District Q&A for additional details. If you have specific questions about your child’s situation, please contact your school Principal.


Quinn R. Kellis, Ed.D.

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