2017-2018 School Letter Grades - Madison School District

2017-2018 School Letter Grades

At Madison Elementary District schools, preparing students for extraordinary success is the reason we exist. We commend our teachers and students on receiving strong letter grade labels from the State Board of Education.

Each grade represents a snapshot in time and while giving us a specific goal to achieve and strive for, the school letter grades do not reflect other critical components of raising healthy, productive and well-rounded children. In addition to academic excellence, Madison is addressing the social emotional wellness of all students while offering premier performing and fine arts programs, athletic opportunities and access to social workers on each campus. This is what makes Madison special and unique.

School 2018 School Letter Grade
Madison Meadows A
Madison No. 1 B
Madison Park B
Madison Traditional Academy A
Madison Camelview C
Madison Heights A
Madison Rose Lane B
Madison Simis A

Seven of our eight schools have earned a designation of an A or B. We applaud Madison Meadows, which received a letter grade increase, joining Simis, Heights, and Madison Traditional Academy as A-rated schools. Rose Lane, Park and No. 1 received B ratings.

The letter grade for Camelview has seen a drop this year, based on previous test scores and growth compared to state goals. We acknowledge this drop and are working with administrators to identify areas for improvement. We see this new grade as important feedback and an opportunity to improve.

We stand behind our students and the quality of education provided at the school by our strong teaching and administrative staff. As recently as May, Camelview was recognized as an A+ rating the school through a separate and unrelated recognition system last spring.

As we review the letter grades, we will review the data for accuracy. The Arizona Department of Education has an appeal process in place, and we will consider appeals as necessary.

The Madison Elementary School District continually strives for improvement and will work on every level to provide the highest possible level of education for our students and the community.

For more information on the school letter grade system, please visit the Arizona State Board of Education website.